Thursday, 6 February 2014

The unfinished project...

So everything in life is an unfinished project right? From tidying the house, looking after the kids and putting the rubbish out... It is all never ending and there will always be more to do tomorrow.. 

For my exhibition I am finding unfinished textile projects... Anything from half finished patchwork quilts to embroidery projects and going to research them and try to puzzle out why they remain unfinished yet an object of value that hasn't been thrown away.. Although it might have ended up in the charity shop or on eBay and those are the places where I am looking for unfinished projects..

My first unfinished project to complete and give it a new lease of life was a bag of hand stitched Suffolk puffs or yo yo's from the 1970s.. 

Someone had hand stitched 150 of these obviously with the intention of doing somthing with them at one point... Yet it has taken another person, me and forty years for that persons handiwork to come into fruition... 

Here is what I did with the 1970s Suffolk puffs... 

You can see the fabric is so retro.. The colours seem almost muted.  

So that is my first unfinished project completed.. On with the next one now... :) 

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